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Custom Drumsticks

We Sell Custom Imprinted Sticks, Blank Drumsticks, & more.

You'll find quite a bit of information here about drumsticks as well as links to lots of related products from bulk drumsticks to custom drumsticks and personalized sticks with your name on them, to sticks that light up and even exercise cardio drumsticks for the fitness community! Welcome again and feel free to contact us if we can help answer any questions about drum sticks for you.

We're one of the leading suppliers of custom drumsticks for major brands!

If you're looking for wholesale drumsticks, we've got you covered. See our custom page for the many name companies that we've done customized orders for. We can provide custom drumsticks for you at competitive prices. We even have blank drumsticks for giveaways and promotional drumsticks for promo occasions. Buy large, bulk quantities wholesale and save. Whether it be our promotional drumsticks, our cardio drumsticks or if you just need blanks for engraving we can fix you up! - Contact us and let us know how we can assist you with your drumsticks project or event.

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Don't miss a beat. Sell custom logo drumsticks on your merch table.

Who Prints Your Artwork (logos, names) on Drumsticks? - We do! 😊

Printing custom drumsticks is not a new idea but your options have gotten better. In the past, you would be lucky to find a company to stamp some black and white print on the sticks for you. These days, there are many more options for printing and a few more companies that offer the service. But most of those companies only offer one method of printing. We offer several printing programs that meet different needs of companies and bands. From engraved drumsticks to full color wrap around printing, and even painted sticks, we specialize in custom drumsticks and printing your band or company logos professionally on quality drumsticks. Contact us for more information.

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