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Custom Music Products

We sell more than just custom imprinted drumsticks. We also sell exciting music products that we can imprint with your band or company name, logo, or customized message. 


Egg Shakers 
Egg-shaped rhythm shakers.
Imprinted. Minimum: 100 units.
Item #PRC-1008

Drumstick Keychains
Quality Drumstick w/Keychain
Imprinted. Minimum: 100 units.
Item #K-1000B

Music Note Clock
Elegant 8th Note Clock
Imprinted. Minimum: 100 units.
Item #7000


Custom Drumsticks
Custom Imprinted Drumsticks
Imprinted. Minimum: 25 pairs
Item #STK-105

Mini Maracas
Miniature Plastic Maraca
Imprinted. Minimum: 100 units.
Item #PRC-1001

Silver Harmonica
Stainless Steel Harmonica
Imprinted. Minimum: 100 units.
Item #7001


Giant Guitar Picks 
Size 3.875" W x 4.625" H 
Imprinted. Minimum: 144 units.
Item #7002

10" Tambourine
Custom Imprinted Tambourines
Imprinted. Minimum: 100 units.
Item #PRC-1001

Custom Drumstick Pens
Quality Printed Drumsticks
Imprinted. Minimum: 50 units.
Item #P-20

Custom Imprinted Music Promotionals

Ignite your brand's musical journey with our exclusive custom music promotional products. Forget the old boring stuff like bags and mugs. Immerse your brand in the rhythm of uniqueness featuring custom drumsticks, colorful egg shakers, or jumbo guitar picks. Whether drumming up event buzz or just shaking up your promotional approach, our diverse selection of customizable music products ensures your promotional message hits all the right notes! 

Companies we've worked with through the years.

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