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Buy Custom Drumsticks

Join our ever growing list of customers that use custom imprinted drumsticks for marketing their company brands, themed meetings, and corporate events.

Wholesale Drumsticks

Blank Drumsticks | Custom Imprinted Sticks | Fitness Drumsticks

Buy drumsticks wholesale. We specialize in blank sticks, custom logo sticks, personalized engraved sticks, fitness drumsticks, and more. If you need drumsticks for performing as a drummer or blank stock for imprinting purposes, we can fix you up! All custom is professionally imprinted in the USA. Buy large quantities of drumsticks wholesale from DRUM BUM, a reputable brand of 24 years.


Blank Drumsticks

If you have an online shop or retail store that has the capacity to imprint or engrave drumsticks and you're looking for drumstick blanks or a drumstick supply company, we offer a very reasonably priced line that works well and keeps your costs down. Buy cheap drumsticks wholesale, in bulk. Cheap, as in 'inexpensive'. Our sticks are straight, clean in appearance, and consistent. Let us supply your sticks for your custom imprinting or engraved logo printing programs. You concentrate on the printing or engraving and we'll supply the goods! For more information, call 1-800-DRUM BUM (378-6286). You're going to love our prices!

Custom Drumsticks

Custom imprinted drumsticks are not only used by drummers and bands to sell on their merch tables but they're used as a marketing tool for conventions, meetings, and special events to promote a company brand or message. We are among the leading providers of custom sticks in the industry having provided services for the smallest bands to top Fortune 500 companies. We offer 6 different programs for custom imprinting including engraved, full color pad printing, painted sticks, embossed sticks, and our very own patent-pending process which allows for 360° printing capability, rendering the most brilliant and impressive custom drumsticks on the market.  Contact us for a quote

Fitness Drumsticks

Drum themed fitness programs are all the rage and we are proud to be one of the earliest players in this market. Whether it be extra large drumsticks, weighted drumsticks, colored sticks, or drumsticks with comfort handles, we can provide you sticks for your drumming fitness classes. 


Personalized  Drumsticks

While we have many bulk, wholesale programs for buying drumsticks, some customers only need a single pair or maybe a couple of pair as a gift for someone for birthdays, Christmas, or another occasion. We offer professional laser engraving where you can have the recipients name or message engraved on the sticks. 

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