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Personalized Drumsticks

Buy Drumsticks Custom Engraved with Your Name


Your Name | Band Name | Message

Personalized drumsticks are a wonderful gift idea for the drummer in your life. Hand-engraved, they offer an elegance and a thoughtful expression of appreciation and acknowledgement for your special percussionist. As one of our many imprinted custom drumstick programs, we offer personalized drumsticks to be purchased one at a time where our other programs have minimums that apply. 


Custom Stick Options

  • Embossed / Stamped Drumsticks - Imprinting drumsticks with a stamped or embossing technique. 

  • Pad Printing Drumsticks - Full color logos, team events, or promotional slogans can be printed with the pad printing process. You name it, we can do it.

  • 360° Printing Custom Drumsticks - Our most popular program. We can print pretty much anything, anywhere you want on the sticks. 

  • Painted Drumsticks - If you like the look of a solid, painted drumsticks, we can do that too and print your name, band, or company brand on them. 

  • Engraved Drumsticks - With our engraved drumsticks program, you can buy in bulk or even one at a time. 

Personalized Drumsticks?

As you can see by the list above, there are a lot of options for personalized drumsticks. However, we refer to personalized mostly as having someone's name engraved on the sticks. Engraving is a process where someone cuts or carves a name or message on to a pair of drumsticks. These days, it is mostly done through a process called laser-engraving.   

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