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We are Drum Bum, Inc., an established and reputable company of 25 years. was created to highlight our wholesale offerings in the areas of custom drumsticks, blank drumsticks, and fitness drumsticks. We go out of our way to maintain "superior standards" in customer service and frequently sell to large corporations such as Walt Disney and Jim Henson Productions. Companies put their trust in us because they know that we can deliver. We have a reputation to uphold and work very hard to maintain our status as one of the top-rated drum brands in the industry. If you have any questions about custom or wholesale drumsticks, simply e-mail us or call us toll free

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Companies we have worked with through the years.

Personalized Custom Logo Drumsticks

Put your name on your drumsticks. We feature professionally made drumsticks with your name or band imprinted or laser-engraved on them. We also offer pad printing to personalize your sticks. It's a bit less expensive but just as effective. Custom imprinted, engraved drumsticks are the way to go. You can put them on a display shelf or toss them out into the crowd. We now have full color drumsticks too where the company logo design can be printed 360° around the entire drumstick. Get your very own custom, personalized drum sticks. -  Buy in bulk and save $$$.

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