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Ahead Drumsticks

Ahead drumsticks are a product of Easton and distributed by Big Bang Distribution. They are quite unique and different than most drumsticks in the world. They have an aluminum core and replaceable plastic sleeves and plastic tips. This allows them to outlast normal wooden drumsticks by a long shot. Some would even say that they never wear out because you can constantly replace the plastic sleeves or tips with new ones instead of having to buy a whole new set of drumsticks every time.


Ahead drum sticks come in a multitude of sizes: 7A, 5A, 5B, 5B ROCK, 2B, and ROCK.
Ahead also features its own signature series of drumsticks: Joey Jordison, Matt McDonough,
Tommy Lee Drumsticks, Lars Ulrich, Rick Allen, , Tico Torres, and Travis Smith.

Additional drumsticks by Ahead are Maxum Studio, Crossroads Series, Workout Sticks, Mallets, XL Studio, XL Rock Concert, M1 Marching Drumsticks, M@ Marching Series, BamStix, Tipstix, Rockstix, Switch Stix, and Switch Brushes.


Want Custom Sticks with Your Name or Logo?

Have your band or brand logo personalized onto drumsticks. Perfect for merch tables at concerts or tradeshows, it's a clever and creative marketing strategy that will most definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment. With the universal appeal of drumsticks, you can be confident it will be a definite crowd-pleaser.  Contact us for more information.

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