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Custom Drumsticks Terms

Often the terminology of words related to custom drumsticks gets confusing. We've created this quick definitions glossary as a guide to help you define exactly what you're looking for in the way of getting drumsticks custom made with your text or artwork on them.

Engraved Drumsticks

The word engraved means to cut or carve (a text or design) on the surface of a hard object. So while many customers ask for engraved drumsticks, sometimes they actually want printed drumsticks so terminology is important and allows us to serve you better. We sell custom engraved drumsticks that include any text you wish to have engraved. With our laser engraved program, there is no need to buy in bulk. We sell them one pair at a time. 

Personalized Drumsticks

When one refers to personalized drumsticks, it simply means 'designed or produced to meet someone's individual requirements'. So a pair of blank drumsticks would then be custom personalized, whether through engraving, printing, wrapping, or embossing, to meet someone's requirements. In the case of custom sticks, those requirements are either text or a graphic picture that portray their band, brand, or marketing message. 

Wrapped Drumsticks

As the term implies, wrapped simply means that the sticks are wrapped with a vinyl that has your artwork printed on it. These are usually cheaper than other types of sticks but unfortunately, they also tend to look cheap. We don't sell wrapped drumsticks per se' but we have an equivalent that is of much greater quality that we call our 360° printing program, or Program 3 as we refer to it. 

Logo Drumsticks

Customers often use the phrase logo drumsticks when they reach out to us because they either have a band or company logo in mind that they want on the drumsticks. Being that a logo is stated here, any of our custom printed programs where we print graphics would work. 

Stamped Drumsticks

Sometimes customers use the term, stamped drumsticks. Stamping is a branding process that uses a heated metal stamp to indent and burn the text or image into the wood drumsticks. For the use of color, this process is called 'hot stamping' or 'hot foil stamping' and incorporates a very lightweight foil paper. The branding machine presses the foil into the indentation it leaves creating a sturdy imprint of the artwork on the sticks

Painted Drumsticks

Another method of customizing drum sticks is to have them painted. This is a dipping process where the drumsticks are inserted into a vat of paint (all but the tip), and then left hung to dry. This creates a thick coat of paint on the drumsticks. Painted drumsticks are less flexible with regard to the types of artwork you can put on them. For that reason, clients often go with our 360° full color printing instead. 


Custom Drumsticks

Get your band or company logo imprinted on drumsticks. Whether for promotional handouts at a tradeshow or to sell on your band's merchandise table custom drumsticks are a smart, creative marketing investment that pays for itself. 

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