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Firestix Drumsticks

We Sell Firestix Drumsticks too!

You've seen drummers use these and you're left with, "Wow, what kind of sticks are those?" Well, they're not really 'fire' but they are Firestix, a revolutionary brand of drumsticks that actually light up when they play!


Light Up Firestix Drumsticks

Firestix drumsticks are illuminated drumsticks that light up with brilliant colors. Firestix come in colors blue, red, and multi-color, and are available at Drum Bum. We also have the option for customization on large quantities. Did you know we provided hundreds of pairs of light up sticks for The Voice? That's right! It was the coolest effect to see all the illuminated sticks in the audience that night. If your company is interest in custom imprinted light up drumsticks, do let us know and we can quote that for you. Buy your LED Firestix Drumsticks today!


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