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How to Choose the
Right Custom Drumsticks

OK, you've decided that you think having custom drumsticks would be really cool. Well, the phrase custom drumsticks means quite a few different things so we threw together this quick guide to help point you in the right direction. 

Will a drummer be playing the drumset with them?

If so, select a larger, sturdier stick that can withstand the impact of heavier drumming. 

Are you buying them to resell?

When buying custom drumsticks to resell, image design is very important. Therefore, we recommend staying away from cheaper options like engraved sticks and our pad printing sticks and instead going with our 360° full color option.

Are you giving them away at a tradeshow or company meeting?

Giveaways usually don't require sophistication. In these scenarios, it's more about the marketing message. A bold selling statement will go a long way on a lesser expensive pair of drumsticks like our full color pad printing program (Program 2). That said, if you're looking to impress, then cook up some amazing artwork and go with our 360° custom sticks program (Program 3). And with this program, you can order as few as 24 pairs! Here is one of our favorite designs of recent: 

Are you working within a very limited budget?

Not to fret. We have our custom stamped program (Program 1) that allows you to have your message hot stamped onto drumsticks in several foil colors (text only). Or, our Program 2 provides full color imprinting at a very low cost if you don't mind the 100 pair minimum. 

Is your artwork simple or complex?

The complexity of your artwork also determines what type of custom sticks program you'll choose with us. More sophisticated and/or taller artwork will need our Program 3 (360° full color printing). But if your artwork is elongated and all on one line, you can save a lot of money going with our Program 2, pad printing option. The drawback to this program is the height limitation is only 1/4" high. 

Do you only need text for the drumsticks?

If so, we've got a hot stamped program where we can print text on the drumsticks in 5 different colors. This program (Program 1) also has a lesser minimum order at only 72 pairs.  

You only want 1 or 2 pairs to give as a gift?

Many customers find our site looking for only something quick and easy, as a gift for a loved one. They're not interested in bulk buying but only a pair or two. Yes, we can accommodate. We have our laser engraved drumsticks that we sell individually. The sku is #STK-99.

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