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Light Up Drumsticks

Buy Illuminated Drumsticks that Light Up!

That's right folks, drumsticks that actually light up when you play! Illuminated sticks are all
the rage as they're not only fun but they create an exciting, entertaining effect on stage.


Sticks that Glow! Sticks that Light Up!

Sure, you can use standard wooden drumsticks for utility use but if you're ready to liven up that stage, consider the coolest sticks around - those that light up! Illuminated drumsticks not only add pizazz to the drummer's performance but liven the overall stage aesthetics. Currently available in colors blue and red. Other colors might be available on special order.


TV hit series, The Voice, bought blue light up drumsticks from us for a specific episode.

Do you have a large event where you wish to have light up drumsticks customized? 
Contact us for custom logo branding, minimums, and lead times. 

Buy Custom Sticks for Your Band's Merch Table

 A perfect addition to merch tables at concerts or tradeshows, this inventive marketing strategy is both clever and creative, promising a worthwhile return on your musical investment. Given the widespread popularity of drumsticks, having your own custom sticks is a no-brainer. 

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